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June 4, 2022 at Waldameer

Hoist the Jolly Rodger! Fifty men on a Deadman’s chest! Avast ye maties, the Pirate’s Cove celebrates 50 years of scaring and entertaining landlubbers of all ages! One of two Bill Tracy Pirate’s Coves remaining, it is the younger sibling of Waldameer’s Whacky Shack which celebrated it’s 50th birthday in 2020. Since Covid cancelled DAFE’s celebration of that ride, we will be belatedly honoring it as well! Join DAFE and friends for the celebration including behind the scenes tours and Exclusive Ride Time (ERT) not only in Pirate’s Cove and Whacky Shack, but ALSO on Ravine Flyer II for our coaster friends! What party would be complete without an awesome Waldameer picnic lunch?

(Registration open to members of recognized amusement groups) Amusement Club members $58 Guests $68 Season Pass Holders $28 Please provide club and membership number, if applicable, below.

Season pass holders must bring it for park to validate it.

Sunday June 4

9:30 – 9:45 Registration at Lakeview Picnic Grove (near Ravine Flyer II)

9:45 – 10:00 Q & A With Randy Skalos in front of Pirate’s Cove

10:00 – 11:00 Lights-on walkthroughs – Pirate’s Cove / Whacky Shack

11:00 – 12:00 ERT on Pirate’s Cove, Whacky Shack, and Ravine Flyer II

2:00 – 3:00 An all you can eat lunch at Lakeview Picnic Grove! Chicken, kielbasa, burgers, hot dogs, cake, unlimited drinks and more! *

3:00-Close Enjoy Waldameer’s family rides for the rest of the afternoon

* A vegetarian option MAY be available upon request, it MUST be ordered in advance!

Guests must register with a DAFE member or member of another recognized amusement park enthusiast group. Club members are responsible for the actions of their guests.
The payment of registration fees by, or on behalf of participants releases and holds harmless the Dark Attraction & Funhouse Enthusiasts (DAFE) including their officers, directors, executive committee, representatives, and Waldameer from any and all liabilities related to this event. Members agree to follow all park and attraction safety rules. Bypassing safety devices may result in membership termination without a refund. Members are responsible for their guest’s actions at DAFE sponsored events. Refund policy: Full refund up until May 20, 2022. No refund on or after the day of the event. A fee of $35 will be assessed for an returned check. Meal items and scheduled activities are subject to change without notice and may be curtailed due to weather.

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